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Hypnotic Nod mod LT + GLK base

Hypnotic Nod mod LT + GLK base

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Features & details 

Introducing the NOD MOD LT, an advanced night vision accessory designed to elevate your experience.

Enhanced Grip: Enjoy a superior grip with the brand-new adjustment dial texture, ensuring precise adjustments in any situation.

Precision Control: The smooth yet intentionally tighter adjustment dial prevents accidental movement, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Sleek & Compact: Experience a more stylish and convenient accessory with a streamlined, smaller, and thinner form factor.

Premium Lens: Benefit from added durability and protection with the upgraded Poly-Carbonate Sacrificial Lens.

Universal Compatibility: Perfectly designed to fit PVS-14 lens, providing a seamless and hassle-free night vision experience.

Cost-Effective: Embrace these enhancements at a more affordable price point, delivering exceptional value.

Please note the Snap Cap Limitation—this accessory doesn't accommodate lens snap caps. While typically a minor concern, we prioritize transparency for your informed choice.

compatible with :

    • PVS-14
    • AB RPNVG
    • AB ARNVG
    • PVS-7
    • UANVB Katana
    • UANVB Tantos
    • BNVD 1431
    • BNVD 1531
    • Sentinel
    • Tanto
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